Preventive Medicine For Your Health

The new Health Care Reform law adopted by Congress requires insurance companies to provide complete coverage for preventive medicine. This means that your insurer has to pay for annual check-ups and cancer screenings and cannot charge you a copay or deductible. The purpose is to try and discover health problems early which will make the treatment more effective and save money in the long run. There is a long list of screening procedures which will be completely covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. They include screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colon cancer. A mammogram can reveal the early stages of breast cancer and alert doctors before the disease spreads to other parts of the body making treatment much more difficult. A colonoscopy is performed to try and detect cancer of the colon. The procedure is very effective at finding pre-cancerous polyps that can be removed before they become cancerous. A colonoscopy is recommended for everyone over 50. The new law also requires complete coverage for tests that will determine cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. Heart disease and stroke are two of the top killers in the United States and identifying people who might be at risk for developing these problems will help them get treatment to avoid a heart attack. In addition to those procedures, the law also states that insurers must cover examinations for things like depression, alcohol abuse and obesity. The preventive medicine provisions of the health care reform act also include all immunizations for children. This means that shots to prevent measles, mumps and rubella are completely covered by your insurance. The new law also makes sure that all children are screened early for hearing and vision problems that could affect their development. Tests for lead poisoning will be paid for by health insurance plans as well and the law requires that health plans pay for flu shots and tetanus shots. Under the new law, women get new guarantees that they will not have to pay anything out of pocket for preventive services when they are pregnant. The law spells out that Hepatitis C screening, screening for Syphilis and Anemia screening be included at the first prenatal visits. The law also requires that breast feeding intervention be covered for women who are experiencing problems in this area. When it comes to kids there are even more procedures and screenings that will now be paid for in full by your insurer in the hopes that you take advantage of them. Immunizations are completely covered along with screening for lead poisoning. The law also requires screening for autism in children at 18 months of age plus at 24 months of age. There are other preventive tests which are also authorized to make sure the child is developing at the proper pace along with routine hearing and vision tests. It is also wise to take advantage of the oral health assessment that the law allows for, so you can be sure your child has no problems in this area. Published at:

Alternative Medicine And Health

Alternative medicine is an expression that gets used quite a lot these days but what does it mean? Alternative medicine has emerged as a colloquialism for medicine or a modality that is not mainstream or conventional. Most of what we have come to regard as alternative medicine these days has been around for thousands of years and it is only comparatively recently that the current conventional idea of categorizing then treating a disease or symptom, as opposed to the whole person, has emerged. Conventional medicine assumes that all disease is caused by single biochemical or physical problem. So the way to fix the problem is either with surgery or chemicals (drugs). With alternative health, (which is something of a misnomer since most modalities have been around for thousands of years), the emphasis is on the whole person and not just upon the symptom. From this comes the concept of ‘wellness’ or a lifestyle and way of being that leads to good health. I like the idea of the traditional Chinese practice of only paying the doctor when you are well. He or she doesn’t get any payment from patients who are sick. Just imagine what that would do to conventional western medical practices! Not to mention the drug companies! So, putting it simply, conventional medicine treats the disease whereas alternative health practitioners treat the whole person. The word ‘allopathic’ is often used to describe conventional medicine. It was coined by homeopath Samuel Hahnemann to differentiate homeopathic practices from conventional medicine. The term “allopath” comes from Greek roots meaning “opposite” and “disease”. As used by homeopaths, the term “allopathy” has always referred to the conventional principle of curing disease by administering substances that produce the opposite effect of the disease when given to a healthy human. Hahnemann used this term to distinguish medicine as practiced in his time from his use of infinitesimally small doses of substances to treat the spiritual causes of illness. Today alternative medicine covers a wide range of disciplines from homeopathy to acupuncture, from chiropractic to vibrational medicine and from Reiki to Bowen massage therapy. There are dozens of different modalities now available All of these modalities have one thing in common, an emphasis on the whole person, not just the symptom. Now don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place for all types of medicine. I owe my life to allopathic medicine. If it were not for the expertise of medically trained people, drugs and surgery I would not be sitting at my computer writing this. I would be dead. I had a very specific problem. My aorta burst. The only solution was surgery. However, if I had paid more attention to my health and wellbeing from an alternative point of view earlier in my life, I would not have allowed my blood pressure to be sustained at dangerously high levels and the problem would never have occurred. In essence the best anyone can do for their wellbeing is to take responsibility for their own health and consult with and take advice from those practitioners who are appropriate for their current circumstances, whether they are from the area of alternative medicine or allopathy. If I have back pain I go to a chiropractor. If I have broken a bone I see a doctor. Become educated about allopathic as well as alternative medicine. The Internet is a great resource. I have put together some free articles and resources at Read, learn, and take control of your health. Conventional and alternative health. Published at:

Alternative Health Medicine Vs. Standard Medicine

Is there any way to accurately compare alternative health medicine to standard medicine? This is a question that many people have on their minds. After all, if you are sick you may want to look into both ways of doing things. The only problem with this is that you need to know the pros and cons of both alternative health medicine and standard medicine. Compiling this information on your own can be a difficult task to say the least. There is one main reason that many people look into alternative health medicine. Do you know what it is? In most cases, the reason for this is that standard medicine is not working for them. If you find yourself in this position, alternative health medicine is something to look into. After all, if it is going to help you to get better does it really matter how it happens? Most people who avoid alternative health medicine do so because they are afraid of what it is all about. Remember, alternative health medicine is not nearly as popular as more traditional methods. For this reason, you get a lot of people who stay away from alternative health medicine because they are simply afraid of what it will bring. If you are interested in learning more about alternative health and standard medicine, you should look into the pros and cons of each one. You may even want to see doctors who practice both types of medicine. This will give you the best chance to determine the pros and cons of each type of medicine. Overall, both alternative health medicine and standard medicine have a lot to offer. There is no way of saying for sure which one is better for you. Only you can determine if alternative health medicine is better for you, or vice versa. Published at:

Chinese Medicine – An Alternative Medicine For Drug Free Health

Although Chinese medicine is conceived as alternative medicine outside of the Far East it is still considered the primary medical system in China, and has been for thousands of years. Chinese medicine and it’s non-invasive and natural healing is becoming progressively popular in the Western world as opposed to the synthetically produced drugs of modern medicine. Said to have been practised for 5,000 years the history of Chinese medicine is anything but lucid. Considered to be 2,000 years old, Hung-Di Nei-Jing (Cannon of Internal Medicine) is thought to be the first written document concerning Chinese medicine and is attributed to the Yellow Emperor, but dates and author are still far from clear. Herbal medicine and acupuncture, the procedures of Chinese medicine that most people are familiar with, are the primary branches with other methods such as food therapy, qi gong and massage playing a secondary role. But few know that restoring harmony and regaining balance rather than treating the disease is the aim of all traditional treatment. The main reason for any illness or disease is lack of harmony. The philosophy of Chinese medicine is the restoration of the body’s harmony and balance and this holistic view of medicine maintains that a well-balanced person is resistant to most everyday illness and disease. Modern medicine on the other hand treats bacteria and viruses directly by the use antibiotics and vaccines. The curricula of an increasing number of medical schools are including classes on alternative medicine even while a contentious relationship still exists between Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Chinese medicine is more likely to be viewed with distrust by older Western doctors. Even though, the techniques are of value in the west. In fact, drug companies have acknowledged the value of traditional medicines and teams of scientists in many parts of the world are employed to accumulate knowledge from traditional medical practitioners. In addition, many Western hospitals and increasing numbers of clinics now offer T’ai Chi Ch’uan or qigong classes as part of their inpatient and health programs. Not considered as alternative medicine by over three quarters of the world’s population, Chinese medicine excels in the areas of prevention of physical and emotional illnesses. For centuries it has been regarded as form of non-intrusive, remedial, risk free treatment. Modern medicines increasing reliance on synthetic drugs have influenced many people to alter their attitude towards Chinese medicine and many are finding satisfaction in this branch of alternative medicine. Increasingly people are maintaining their health at optimum levels by having regular treatments and are applying Chinese medicine as a first option instead of a last resort. Published at:

Natural Health & Holistic Medicine Verses Doctors & Conventional Medicine

Our argument for choosing Natural Therapies over conventional medicine is this……… Healers/Natural Therapists understand that illness begins with a blockage or disruption in a person’s energy field. Physical illness is the body’s way of making us aware that there are nutritional and/ or emotional issues that need to be addressed. The physical symptoms we are experiencing are the result of these unattended issues and the imbalance they have caused to the energy field, which over time has manifested into disease of the physical body. If we look at all physical symptoms as a warning sign that something is not right in the energetic field, we allow ourselves the opportunity of complete healing rather than superficial healing of the symptoms only. Natural Therapists/Healers believe and have proven, that everything is curable. By working with a Natural Therapist or Spiritual Healer we can uncover the cause of the energy disruption and then work to restore the energy field back into balance, automatically resulting in the healing of any physical manifestations of illness we are experiencing. Simply put, ‘illness is Dis-ease of the energetic body’, caused when one or more chakra become blocked, resulting in unbalance of the energy field, which over time manifests into the physical element of ourselves, resulting in disease or illness of some form. So if this is the case, surely it makes sense then, that a healer must consider not only the physical aspect of the body, but also the energetic level where it began in the first place. This is Holistic Healing. Conventional medicine deals with the physical only, treatment is based on dealing with the symptoms a person is having and not on the cause itself. No wonder so many people are able to rid themselves of an illness or disease with conventional medicine, only to find that it later returns, maybe time and time again. It is because they are dealing with the symptom and not the cause. If we could use conventional medicine less and only then in conjunction with natural therapies, we believe every individual would be a lot better off. Likely Page Break Conventional medicine can rid the body of the symptoms of a disease, giving a person the time necessary to deal with the emotional cause of the disease they are experiencing, after all, often we are unaware we have these emotional issues until they have manifested into the physical. Natural Healing techniques are holistic, dealing with the whole of a person, body, mind and spirit. When we can appreciate that we are much more than just ‘a body’, this holistic form of healing will make complete sense. Why would we deal with only one aspect of ourselves, when we have the means right here, at our fingertips, to deal with the body in a holistic manner. You may be thinking ‘How can our thoughts and emotions be the cause of disease and illness?’ Dr Masaru Emoto has proven through experimentation that our thoughts are powerful enough to affect the crystal formations in water. When negative thoughts were directed into a bottle of water that was then frozen, the crystals became smudged and deformed. When loving thoughts were directed into a bottle of water from the exact same source, the crystals were perfectly formed. Imagine then the power our thoughts have over our own bodies and reality. For example, if we are told when we are a child that we are a terrible person and we spend most of our life believing this to be true and thinking these negative thoughts about ourselves, lowering our natural vibratory rate, eventually this negativity will manifest into some form of physical illness, depending on which chakra is affected by the negative thoughts and emotions you have been having. A Natural Therapist will work with the energy field, clearing the negative energy. The whole pattern of your thoughts can be changed so that you are released from the beliefs you may have held most of your life and that are often detrimental to your happiness and health. “This is dealing with the cause, not just the symptoms. Quantum Science is now proving that we are all made up of energy, as is everything in the Universe (see movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’). Every cell in our physicality, to every thought going through our mind, it’s all energy. The energy making up our physical bodies is vibrating at a slower rate than the surrounding energy field called the Aura. The Aura is the part of us, along with the Chakra System, that is affected by emotions and thoughts about ourselves and others. The Chakra absorbs and distributes vibrant life force energy to the different areas of the physical body. When there’s an imbalance or blockage in one or more chakra, (caused by traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs about ourselves, anxiety, stress, toxins, bad nutrition, posture, lack of exercise, remaining in a situation that is not harmonious for our soul, or anything that causes us to feel negative emotions), this life force energy cannot be distributed to the areas of the body that relate to that particular chakra, resulting in depression or disease. If we are all vibrating energy, it makes complete sense then, that Energy, Vibrational and Spiritual Healing along with all other Natural Healing modalities become part of our everyday reality, for maintaining general wellbeing and harmony of the body, mind and spirit. Why wait until your emotional issues manifest into the physical when you can work with a Healer/Natural Therapist today to be rid of any dis-ease of the energy field, before it manifests as illness or disease of the physical body. Published at:

Alternative Therapy In Health And Medicine

Alternative medicine is a term used for various medical solutions or practices of curing or preventing a particular ailment by physicians or non-physicians, as an additional to or apart from the conventional medicine. It is projected that a little over 33% of the United States population are practicing some form of alternative medicine that is mainly included of remedies derived from several different types of traditional and ethnic therapies.

Those therapies have diverse practice and/ or product based guidelines that are not a part of conventional or the usual medical practices. This alternative implementation include meditation, acupuncture, prayer, herbal or botanical supplements, chiropractors, massage therapy and other natural medicines.

Alternative Medicine typically have practices like metaphysical, spiritual, religious and non-European medical treatments and other new techniques that are developed for healing various diseases. The promoter of Alternative Medicine claim that alternative therapies give services to public that are otherwise impossible through conventional medicines. This covers parts ranging from patient empowerment, providing medical treatments based on bio-psycho-social model of individual health, alternative methods for pain management and stress reduction etc.–these are usually not included under conventional medication.
The other usual features that differentiate Alternative Medicine from Conventional medicines are presented below:

-Alternative Medicine is considering the physical, social, spiritual and mental well being of an individual while providing treatments, whereas conventional medicines are aimed only towards the physical arena of an individual.

-Alternative Medicine stresses on health maintenance by following idea of a healthy living like healthy diet, regular exercise, positive outlook, body hygiene, moral and spiritual values, sexuality, social relations etc. Thus the individual is kept aware about maintenance of overall health- including the inner self.

-Alternative Medicine has a quaint philosophy of its own, with inexpensive ways of treatment and diagnosis, and tries to stay away from the unnecessary surgical and diagnostic interferences as far as possible and does not involve intake of strong pills to a great extent.

-Alternative Medicine has no side-effect or is substanced only minimal side-effects

-Alternative Medicine is the only traditional system of medical treatment for certain particular diseases such as degenerative diseases, collagen disorder, problem related to joints and bones and psychosomatic disorders for which there are not much alternatives available in conventional or contemporary medicine.

More and more people nowadays are health conscious. Some even try alternative therapy in health and medicine just to achieve the healthy body they desire. Well, that scenario just proved that health is really a wealth.

Healthy living comes when good diet and health program is considered. Physical fitness depends on your diet. Proper diet will result to fitness. When it comes to health diet fitness programs these three elements are going to keep you on the road to healthy living with a good diet and a regular fitness program.

Role of Advertising and Advertising companies in Health and Medicine

Advertising undoubtedly plays a pivotal role worldwide, especially in the current scenario wherein the competition has turned out to be stiff and tough. It is an effective marketing tool used to communicate and persuade people to take some action in context with the advertisements published or aired on TV or radio. However, the level of persuasion greatly depends upon how the advertisements are carried out and here is when the effectiveness of the advertising company or agency is tested.

Advertising agencies or companies undertake the task of designing the advertisements or ads for their clients. As the scope of advertising is not only limited to Print Media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids) today, the advertising agencies also design the advertisements for electronic media like TV commercials, radio commercials, Public Service Ads and Messages (PSA & PSM); online advertisements like in case of websites, new media advertising, outdoor advertising, and many such ways to advertise a client’s product or services.

Whenever we think of advertising and advertisements, mostly what happens is – the first thing that comes to our mind is the advertisements of cosmetic products, gadgets, shoes and dresses. But in the contemporary world, not only the mediums for advertising have widened, but also various sectors have come up and adopted for this effective communicative tool in order to make their place in the competitive market, and one such sector is the health and medicine sector.

Over the years several advertising companies in Health and Medicine have evolved and have undertaken the initiative to design advertisements for their clients – carrying out activities in the field of healthcare and medicine or drugs.

Presently, there exist several media that carry out health, medicine and pharmaceutical based ads and one of these mediums is Drug Today Medical Times, a health based monthly newspaper, which not only serves latest health and drug based news to the health conscious, but also it publishes advertisements related to health, medicine, drugs and pharma sector in its newspaper.

Also the print advertisements by the pharmaceutical companies are also published in its quarterly drug directory called Drug Today, which has been functioning in the market since 1992. Since its circulation is not limited within the country, this very means of advertising can immensely help the pharmaceutical companies as well as people from the health sector.

A part from print advertising, Drug Today Medical Times also advertises through online. For online advertisement one can either go for general advertisement on the website (like banner advertisement) or sponsored links. Moreover, advertisements displayed on the website are cost-effective and has 24X7 visibility.

Advertising health based ads not only helps the pharmaceutical or health sector, but also it can prove to be beneficial to the people seeking information related to health and medicine and drugs. Undeniably, such platforms have proved to be efficient and hopefully in the coming years such mediums will add greatly to the effective communication, growth and development of the health sector in any nation.

India Health and Medicine information

Health is an integral part of everyone’s life. With the change in the living lifestyle of people, they are more prone to disease. The era of living is being constantly changed and it is affecting the health of the people too. The workaholic schedule of people has diverted their concern to their standard of living, like people are more interested in make more money than taking care of their health. They are willing to work more so that they could buy the luxury so that they could survive in the society. But do you think is it worth it? If one is spending more money on other things rather than spending on the fruits, vegetables and other healthy items. Here the term Luxury doesn’t mean car, house etc , it means going to the restaurant every day, eating junk food in breakfast and more.

As it is rightly said “no wealth without health”. So it is important that one should be updated with almost all the news that is related to the healthcare sector. Especially with the common prone disease. Now you must me wondering as you have to Google it for all the health news. The simply answer is no because get yourself updated with Latest Health and Medicine News in India as well as around the world at one stop destination website It is the only Indian no1 website which carries news related to the health care industry in India and around the world. Drug Today Medical Times a monthly newspaper, circulated at the pan India level and is also available at the local newspaper stand.

The articles published on the website are in layman language and easily understood able. The news updated on the site is reliable and trustable. If anyone has any legal enquiry related to the health or medical sector. You can raise it on the site and it will be answerable with 7 working days. You can find news related to your city, nation , institute , pharma review, paramedical and many more that to just a click away.

Quick Ways To Know About The Latest ME Health And Medicine Services

With the advancement in medical sciences, we have gotten the power to fight many diseases that were thought to be incurable even a few decades ago. However, new health ailments have replaced their older counterparts and lifestyle diseases have become the norm these days. No wonder that having a tool at your fingertips that can let you access health and medicine services in the Middle East in quick time will help a lot. It is here that a trusted online business directory like d3ayat can come to your aid.

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